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Vendors Wanted!

SAVE THE DATE: The Paper Anthology Papercrafters’ Garage Sale will take place on September 24, 2022. If you’d like to be a vendor, please email to reserve a spot and obtain your number. Then, please carefully read the rest of this post!

Vendor Information

1. Vendors need not be present at the sale, all items are displayed together, arranged roughly in categories, on tables inside and (weather permitting) outside Paper Anthology.

2. Each vendor will be given an individual number, which must be marked CLEARLY on all your items, along with the price you’ve set for that item.

3. Buyers will be able to pay for all their items in one transaction, and the amounts due to each vendor will be recorded at the register. At the end of the day, each vendor’s sales will be tallied and the total, less 5% vending fee, will be presented to you, the following week, in the form of a Paper Anthology Gift Card.

4. All sale items must be CLEARLY MARKED with your vendor number and your price. Yes, we already mentioned this in Point 1, but experience has taught us, we cannot possibly overstress the importance of clarity! If the cash register operator cannot decipher your price, they will have to GUESS. If they cannot decipher your vendor number, the sale will be recorded to Paper Anthology. We highly recommend un-smudge-able ink and nice sturdy stickers.

5. Prices must end in .25 cents, .50 cents, .75 cents or .00! If you have a bunch of items you’d like to price at .10 cents each, group them together in a little bag! (Grab bags and “collections” of miscellaneous paper or embellies generally sell really well; we all love a “surprise” assortment, right?)

6. Sale items may be dropped off no earlier than the Saturday before the sale (9.17.22) and picked up no later than the Saturday after the sale (10.1.22).

2 thoughts on “Vendors Wanted!

  1. Hi Elizabeth! I would love to be a vendor again, if there is space available. Thank you. Have a great 4th!!

  2. Hi Yvonne, please send me an email at to sign up, thanks!

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