Just Enough Stuff: Deluxe Foreign Text Assortment


Lauren Bergold

2:09 PM (7 hours ago)

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Each pack contains more than *TWENTY* different pages of foreign text in languages ranging from Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and more! Some have English translations, most do not.The majority are text only, but some also have photographs or illustrations. There are guidebooks, dictionaries, textbooks, handbooks, children’s workbooks, storybooks, poetry, magazines, a machinist’s manual (in russian) and pretty much anything else you can imagine. There’s a wide range of paper sizes, shapes, colors, styles and alphabets. Ages range from early 20th century to fairly recent; but each page is beautiful, interesting, inspiring and USEFUL in so many crafty applications, from cards to collages to art journaling and more! (Please note that photos show a sample selection, each pack is of course unique and different!)

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