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No Time Like the Presents

The girls at Jingle Belles are back with a challenge for the new year – asking us to make a card featuring wrapping paper or gift tags.  Well hey, this one is perfect for me this year!  Short back story:  I am notoriously late with present wrapping, most often staying up late into the night at the last minute to get things done in time, and doing a half ass job of it.    Not this year!  I had a plan – turned it into a crafty project, and was done with days to spare!  Everything was wrapped in kraft paper, then I added beautiful ribbon, die cut greenery, tags, stamped with the Stampers Anonymous “Festive Overlay” stamp set,  and pretty metal embellishments from Idea-ology.  (Holiday Hacks abound!).  Once the festivities were over, all the bits and pieces were saved in a box, hopefully to be repurposed next year.  So that being said, this was probably the fastest card I have ever put together – I just recreated on of my presents; slapped it on a card and called it a day!


4 thoughts on “No Time Like the Presents

  1. AHA! so that was what all the greeneries were for!!! what a brilliant idea to use diecuts on presents… dang, i’m saving that “hack” for next year for sure! i love that you even had some leftovers so you could join us as a Wrap Star at JINGLE BELLES! happy 2019!!! ♥♥♥

  2. I love that you not only used your wrapping paper … but also recreated one of your wrapped packages … absolutely gorgeous … thrilled that you joined us at Jingle Belles.

  3. Beautiful card Elisabeth!

  4. I LOVE it!!!!

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