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Karin Markers Are Here!

You’ve seen them on social media, and now they’ve arrived at Paper Anthology: 72 vivid shades of Karin Brushmarker PRO, direct from Poland, available open stock in-store and online. There are 10 amazing Neon shades, 9 beautiful greys, colorless blender pens, and an entire rainbow of rich, juicy, blendable colors that literally cover the entire spectrum! We’ve made a swatchbook, so you can see the exact color of each and every one.

Karin Brushmarkers PRO contain 2.4ml of color each. They were produced with ‘liquid ink’ technology, which means the intensity of color lasts through the last drop. They are twice as efficient as traditional filter markers. In addition, they are equipped with a Japanese super durable and flexible nylon tip. They contain non-toxic paints with an intense dye based color. The colors can be mixed, lightened and obtain tonal transitions by touching the ends of two different markers.

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