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Cheers to 90 Years!

Our dear friend, Samantha Klabenesh-Dixon’s lovely mom, Ruby Klabenesh, will be ninety years young on September 28, 2022. To celebrate this amazing woman* the Klabenesh family is going all out. They would love for Ruby to receive LOTS of birthday cards, over 100 if possible, and that’s where YOU can help! We know you love making cards, so why not send one to Ruby? You can do so at any time from now till the end of September, using the address below. If you don’t know Mrs. K. personally, please mention that you’re a friend of Sam’s! Thank you for helping us celebrate this lovely lady!

Ruby Klabenesh

48 Elmwood Rd.

Verona, NJ 07044-2504

*Her shortbread recipe is LEGENDARY and her pink crocheted hats (made to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month) are our winter faves!

3 thoughts on “Cheers to 90 Years!

  1. Sending a card!

  2. This is an awesome idea and makes me smile. So it is two smile request. One for Ruth and one for me. Thanks Brigette Norcross Mercer County Fan Club of Paper Anthology. Woo hoo

  3. Always a great project for card makers

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